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Transfer of Properties

We understand how important the transfer of your property is to you.

Bond Application and Registration

We are enrolled on all the major banks’ panels and will gladly assist you with any queries you have with regards to the registration of the bond as well as all the requirements as set out by the financial institution.

We can refer you to reputable bond originators to assist you with the application for a bond.

We will attend to the registration of your bond and ensure that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions of the financial institution.

Real Rights

Our firm has years of experience with regards to Real Right registration as well the registration of conversions from Real Rights to Sectional Title.

Property Development

You might be a first time developer or you have done numerous developments before.

We understand that the following will be important to you:

Cancellation of Existing Bond

We apply on your behalf for the cancellation of the existing bond and see to all the arrangements in this regard. lt is important to take note of the fact that should you wish to sell your property it is advisable to give the bank notice in advance of your intention, in order to prevent payment of penalty interest to the financial institution.

Notarial Matters

Our notary specializes in the field of family law and we can expertly assist you in the following areas of the Notarial Practice:


Contracts forms the basis of all property transactions, commercial transactions, company related transactions as well as specific agreements entered into between parties.

lt is therefore more important than ever to ensure that any transaction that you are entering into, starts off on the right foot, by having your agreement customised for your specific need.

Due to many years of experience in this aspect, we are able to assist with all contracts, including more challenging commercial agreements as well as the most basic agreement for your specific need.

We will gladly assist clients by examining a contract prepared by an Estate Agent or prepare a contract to suite their specific needs and requirements in this regard.

Commercial Law

Our firm offers assistance in all aspects of commercial law.

We will be able to assist you with:

Deceased Estates

Our firm understand how difficult it is for family members to deal with the administrative formalities when a loved one passes away. We offer a personalised service where we can be appointed as executor by assisting you with your estate planning needs, in the alternative we can be appointed to attend to the estate of a deceased person on behalf of the executor.

Estate Planning

This is a very important part of every individual as well as legal entity to take care of in order to ensure the best structure to be in place with regards to your personal estate as well as your business entity.

It is never to early or to late to attend to the above and we will gladly assist you with structuring your personal or business assets in order to obtain the best tax benefits as well as protecting you from liability where needed.

Drafting of your last will and testimony is always advised to be done by professionals who understand the challenges being faced when someone become deceased.

We can assist in all aspects including trusts, companies or private individuals.


Liquidation and Sequestration

We attend to all matters related to the above and have years of experience in this field. Marina Botha obtained het AIPSA diploma and Masters Degree in Insolvency.

High Court Litigation

We attend to selected High Court Litigation and mostly where the matters are property related.

We can also assist you with any urgent application or other High Court Matters.

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