We understand how important the transfer of your property is to you.

• Buying a property

When buying a property, you as purchaser, are making an important investment decision. We will assist you to reach a well informed decision best suited for your individual purpose and needs.

We offer our assistance in drafting a Sale Agreement and advising you on the specific terms of the Agreement.

We will at all times keep you informed of the transfer costs as well as transfer duty involved, as well as the time frames of the transaction.

• Selling a property

If you are selling a property we will assist you with the Sale Agreement and draft the Agreement in such a way as to give effect to your true intention.

At all times will you be informed of all the necessary time frames, costs that you will have to incur and documents that you will have to sign to effect the transfer.

A normal transfer of property takes an estimated 3 months from undersigning of the Sale Agreement until registration.

We are enrolled on all the major banks’ panels and will gladly assist you with any queries you have with regards to the registration of the bond as well as all the requirements as set out by the financial institution.

We can refer you to reputable bond originators to assist you with the application for a bond

We will attend to the registration of your bond and ensure that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions of the financial institution.

Our firm has years of experience with regards to Real Right registration as well the registration of conversions from Real Rights to Sectional Title.

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You might be a first time developer or you have done numerous developments before.

We understand that the following will be important to you:

• Appointing the most efficient technical and marketing team with regards to your development in order to ensure that your development is approved at the shortest possible time period

• Keeping to the time limits with regards to the development by all professionals is of the utmost importance, as this has a direct influence on your financial planning and cash flow situation as a company or individual

• Ensure that once the Development has been approved, the documentation is in order and amendments are being avoided at all cost

• Ensure that the cost with regards to the Development is reasonable, although efficiency should never be compromised

• Ensure that all relevant processes with regards to the Development are being done in such a manner that they are done at the time and place when needed and that no delays are caused by any processes that could have been finalized simultaneously

• Ensure that all contracts with the technical and marketing team are in place in order to protect the Developer from any member of the team that is not performing adequately

We apply on your behalf for the cancellation of the existing bond and see to all the arrangements in this regard. lt is important to take note of the fact that should you wish to sell your property it is advisable to give the bank notice in advance of your intention, in order to prevent payment of penalty interest to the financial institution.

Contracts form the basis of all property transactions. lt is therefore important for us to assist clients before they sign their property contract. This is important when Selling and/or Purchasing a property.

We will gladly assist clients by examining a contract prepared by an Estate Agent or prepare a contract to suite their specific needs and requirements.

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Our litigation Department is well established and deals with all aspects of litigation, including but not limited to, urgent applications, divorce matters, commercial litigation such as disputes arising of contracts, consequences of insolvency, general enforcement of contractual rights, delictual remedies and all other High Court matters.

We attend to all matters related to the above and have years of experience in this field. Marina Botha obtained het AIPSA diploma and Masters Degree in Insolvency.

Our notary specializes in the field of family law and we can expertly assist you in the following areas of the Notarial Practice:

• Ante-nuptial contracts

• Notarial Cessions

• Notarial Bonds

• Authentication of documents for use overseas 

• A team of professionals that will assist you in reaching your goals with regards to each transaction

• To be involved with the Development from the very first technical meeting in order to offer advise and to assist with the documentation from the start

• To assist in order to find solutions for any difficulties that might arise from Local or Provincial Authorities

• To assist with all contractual requirements, where needed

• To assist with all other documentation needed, with regards to Home Owner’s Associations, Rules and Regulations of Developments, Service Agreements etc.

• To assist you in obtaining financial assistance with regards to the registration of your  bond on the property

• To complete the registration of the end user transactions at the time periods expected and to give you regular feed back with regards to the progress

• An experienced team with regards to litigation matters, who will assist you in order to resolve your case at the best and most efficient manner depending the circumstances.

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